When: Thursdays, 2pm to 4:30pm


The methods and concepts presented in this class are the foundations for all illusionary drawing and painting, and they are the conceptual fountain head for all representational art work. This is an introductory art class, as the course name implies, but I believe the material presented is significant and conceptually far reaching as the student would encounter this material again and again in any realism drawing or painting class, i.e. figure, landscape or still life Like all things in art just one exposure is not enough so review and repetition is the nature of the beast; the reason is the student is building a new language, their visual language and it doesn’t happen in just one six week class. My “Basic Drawing” class is designed to get the student up and running on a comprehensive and structured path to building their visual language as well the concepts and methods to support their artistic journey.

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  • Learning to understand your visual field and all that implies
  • Translating your visual field to your picture plane
  • Understanding your picture plane and it’s structure
  • Rendering in light and shadow(using two light sources)
  • Shape discovery and shape placement
  • Mass and shape concepts
  • Arial and linear perspective
  • Understanding line and its’ expressive possibilities


  • What does feeling, empathy have to do with drawing?               
  • Why is line the primary and intuitive tool for drawing?
  • Where does line come from?
  • Why are we blind to shape?
  • What is shape reversal?
  • Are form and shape the same thing?
  • What is value? How does it apply to drawing?
  • What is foreshortening?

PRIVATE LESSONS: I am offering private lesson on a very limited basis.

REGISTRATION INFORMATION:  Because of the Zoom format class size is very limited and the end of registration is three days before the first class session.



  • Reviewing materials and their basic use.
  • Historical contexts and references always present.
  • Introduction to artist observation, visual intelligence, and their contrast to pedestrian observation.
  • Introduction to line as a concept and its use in arranging space and mapping form.
  • Introduction to the optics of volume metric form and light.
  • Introduction to value, value structure and their relationship to light and form.


  • Review of last week.
  • Drawing an object: first shape discovery and form mapping using line then rendering the line drawing with continuous tone to create the illusion of space and 3D form.
  • Introduction to point of reference [station point] and how those observations of form, space, and light are translated to the drawing surface[picture plane]


  • Introduction to design: weight, direction, shape, space and how the methods of composition facilitate design.
  • Using historical references to examine the structural elements design and composition.
  • Drawing a still life of multiple objects on different levels


  • Introduction to linear and aerial perspective and its practical applications to representational drawing

 MY FEES ARE: 35.oo per hour, classes are two and a half hours long giving the student a half hour of instruction on me.

REGISTRATION INFORMATION:      Because of the Zoom format class size is very limited and  the end of registration is three days before the first class session.

     This zoom workshop is for those who have often wanted to investigate the experience of oil painting and have been looking for a instructional format introductory in nature but grounded and comprehensive I believe that these classes meet that expectation. In my years of teaching I have always used care and particular focus on my beginning classes; I believe that given intelligence and grounded instruction beginning students can work past the uncertainties and intimidation of the white empty canvas, paint and brushes and begin to enjoy this complex world 0f painting , creativity, the exploration of our visual intelligence.

   This world of oil paint, brush, and canvas is one of many forms used in expressing visual ideas [perceptual concepts] ; visual concepts can be of anything from black holes to human emotions and the art and craft of oil painting is a wonderful medium for this expression. The fluidity of oil, its' versatily and its tactile qualities combined with its' visual properties gives this medium its diversity and  universal appeal. For the student of the craft the medium of oil painting is both challanging and rewarding offering a exellent path for ingaging their visual intelligence and developing a richer and wider life exprience.


  • A review of materials, introductoy discussion of their use and explaination of and use of monochromatic palette.
  • Introduction to the "feel" of painting exploring the tactile qualities of the inner relatioship of the brush [the appendage of the painter, medium [wet vehicle] and canvas [ recieving surface].
  • What are the physical properties working with oil paint i.e. wet into wet, wet into dry, fat over lean and transparence and opacity.
  • relating the above items to the expressing form and light.


   Introduction to my zoom format' its navigation and using the phone for sending me images of student work in progress, the use of the phone seems the simplist way for me to critic student work with less image distortion.

   A thorough introduction to the materials of oil painting and a over view of thier use; exercises for learning to draw with a brush, painting value charts and relating those charts to painting a full value form [continueous tone painting.]

   Note: in these classes we will be using a limited palette comprising of ivory black, titanuim white, burnt sienna and the last class the addition of ultramarine blue.

WEEK TWO: Again using a limited palette we will paint a still life.

WEEK THREE: With the limited palette paint a still life with only four values.

WEEK FOUR: With the addition of ultramarine blue paint a still life with the focas on warm and cool relationship and ending with a review.


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[Please note that you pay as you go, one class at a time, thought classes are schedules weeks at a time you are responsable for only the upcoming class you]


  1. I send you a invoice from Paypal [for just on class at a time] a your email.
  2. You pay the invoice with Paypal accout or c.c.
  3. I send you Paypal reciept and class invitation.


INTRODUCTION TO OIL PAINTING: 70.00 for two and half hours.


Drawing Pad and Drawing Board  Basic Drawing Supplies

  • 11x14, 80lb Canson 1557 pure white drawing pad
  • 15"x16 Blick sketch Boards.
  • Bulldog 3" #4 clips [ for holding the bottom of drawing pad to the drawing board]
  • 2b and 6b woodless pencils [2 each]
  • One sandpaper block/
  • Prismacolor Kneaded Rubber Eraser.
  • Excel Hobby Handheld Scraper, or just the single edge razor blades.
  • Krylon or Blair spray fixatives.
  • The total cost is about 30.00.
  • Items can be found at Amazon or Blick Art Materials [remember shipping takes longer these days]