Instruction and Workshops


To present to the students a comprehensive and structured path to building their visual language, concepts for understanding and developing artistic observation and how this differs from pedestrian (day to day) observation, and methods for translating these visual concepts into graphic statements. These concepts and methods are the foundation of illusionary drawing and painting and the building blocks for producing representational art i.e. portraiture, figurative, landscape etc... I believe strongly in my chosen medium of the graphic arts and I believe that exposure to this medium of representational art is a rewarding endeavor and the concepts and methods presented in my workshops will enhance any journey taken in the graphic arts.

The basic structural design of my workshops are steps or blocks followed in a linear path in which I will describe and demonstrate the step or block then I’ll have the students do the block or step while I move from student to student to give individual instruction. In this way I and the students move together on the project I work right along with the students it’s not a situation where I lecture and demonstrate and turn the time over to the students but we work as a group on the painting or drawing.


 The methods and concepts presented in this class are the foundations for all illusionary drawing and painting, and they are the conceptual fountain head for all representational art work. This is an introductory art class, as the course name implies, but I believe the material presented is significant and conceptually far reaching as the student would encounter this material again and again in any realism drawing or painting class, i.e. figure, landscape or still life Like all things in art just one exposure is not enough so review and repetition is the nature of the beast; the reason is the student is building a new language, their visual language and it doesn’t happen in just one six week class. My “Basic Drawing” class is designed to get the student up and running on a comprehensive and structured path to building their visual language as well the concepts and methods to support their artistic journey.

I am excited to offer to students this oil painting class whether you are a beginner or have been oil painting for a while, let me guide you in the world of brushes, oil paint and canvas. Gain a familiarity with the tools while learning to create images developed from your own artistic observations. Working from a still life you will create a painting by manipulating value, color and paint to showcase form, space and light.