Medium: Oil

Christy at the time I meet her was a barmaid at my local pub, I was always struck by her sensuality mixed with passion, grit and incredible animation and I always wondered if I could capture some of that in her portrait. I asked her if she would pose for me and she agreed; as I thought about the portrait, and being a student of the flamenco guitar, I made a connection between Christy and flamenco. She sat for me a few time but then her husband got a new job and they had to move out of the area so I had to finish the portrait from my photos the process stretched over two years.

Width in Inches: 36
Height in Inches: 60
Prints: Available

About Portraiture

Portraiture [to achieve a likeness] is a unique set of skills that not every figurative painter has; they might be a fine figurative draftsmen and painter but do not, for whatever reason, have the ability to render a likeness. Portraiture is a rare and unique skill that is in the possession of the artist or not. . Portrait painting is not just the ability to replicate the topography of the subject but to imply something of the inner qualities or essence of sitter hopefully expressing something of the multiplicity of the individual.

The mediums that I express my portraits in are; in drawing, charcoal and graphite on paper; painting, oil on canvas and pastel applied sanded paper ground. To facilitate the portrait process there is four methods;

  1. Painted from live sessions combined with my photos.
  2. A drawn study done from a live session together with my photos.
  3. Painted from my photos.
  4. Painted from the patrons photos with my input on the selection of the photo or photos.


There are three factors that determine the cost of a portrait:

  1. Size; a surface measuring 40x26 is more expensive than one that is 16x20.
  2. Complexity; a full figure as opposed a head study.
  3. Labor; the length of time involved.

Below are some examples of prices both for oil and pastel. Remember that every portrait is unique and nothing is set in stone but these examples give good ball park numbers.

16x20 life size head study; 1500.00
18x20 ¾ figure 2000.00
19x24 ¾ two figures 2500.00
40x26 ¾ life size single figure 3500.00
70x30 life size full figure 5000.00


16x20 life size head study 800.00
19x24 ¾ figure 1200.00
19x24 two figures 1500.00

For any questions or details please contact my representative Phinney Gallery of Fine Art Joseph, OR 97846, [541] 231 2977.